DroneShoot 800

Drone gun 800

DroneShoot 800

Phantom Technologies’ DroneShoot800 is an RF drone jammer gun that
Blocks all Drone’s communications including GPS.

It transmits directional RF signals that interferes with the drone GPS & WIFI
Communication’s signal such as ISM, GPS-L1, GPS-L2, etc.

By blocking those signals, the Drone operation is neutralized.

Solution Description

The DroneShoot800 was designed to safely neutralize the flight of
Unauthorized Drones in a secured perimeter, of the VIP protection.
The unit can jam all the frequencies together for at least 6 operations of
10 minutes continuously based on one battery.
(60 minutes between charging)

DroneShoot 800 unit features

➢ The DroneShoot800 is manually operated
➢ Short learning time, no special skills are required
➢ Effective Jamming Range – Up to 1,200m (Line-of-Sight)
➢ Compact and Light Weight
➢ Complies with MIL-STD
➢ Operates under same weather conditions that allow Drones to fly
➢ Doesn’t require any special maintenance
➢ Easy transportation in a Pelican Case

DroneShoot 800 Additional Features

➢ The gun includes GPS and a compass in a visible location to the operator
➢ The gun includes a touch screen to provide easy configuration of the system
➢ The gun includes temperature and air pressure meters
➢ The gun includes a CCD Camera
➢ Manually configurable transmission bands
➢ Multi-Band transmission simultaneously

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