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The PHRDR850 pulse Doppler RADAR technology uses a full-phased array Multi-Elements Antenna.
Designed for ground, surface, and aerial surveillance
Very effective for mission-critical detecting possible threats accessing restricted areas or security zone such as people, vehicles, vessels, boats, low altitude flying objects, etc. The RADAR detection range is from 1 km to over 30Km distance, depending on RADAR Version and object RCS.

Technical Specification

  • Scanning frequency: X Band
  • Full hemispheric coverage of 360° with four modules
  • Pulse Doppler
  • Full phased array Multi-Elements Antenna
  • 90° angle horizontal & vertical beam per module

Additional Features

  • Controlled and operated locally or remotely
  • Low power consumption
  • Setup and operation readiness < 10 minutes
  • Fix or portable platform
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