The necessity uses of Anti-Drone Detectors in prison security systems

The necessity uses of Anti-Drone Detectors in prison security systems

More recently, criminals and urban guerilla terrorists are becoming smarter and more sophisticated by using drones to support their illegal activities. They are using drones thanks to availability, pricing, and the simplicity.

Another reason drones are being used is their effectively gaining insights and information on people and places using HD cameras on.

Most drones these days have either an HD or 4K camera so that criminals can gather reconnaissance in high quality and store it in the cloud.

Drones are being used for many unlawful activities such as aerial smuggling of drugs or weapons inside prisons and even dropping bombs on any target, civilian or military.

These illegal loads can easily be attached to a drone and dropped at the press of a button. Unbeknown to the guards or wardens securing the area.

This type of contraception can cause significant disruption in the prison. Using an anti-drone detector can protect the prison from supply of harmful goods or illegal weapons.

Also, anti-drone technology systems reduce the possibility of intrusion the privacy of detention facilities and thus increase security control over the facilities and do not allow the intrusion of prohibited substances nor information leaking through drones.

Contraband in Prison

For a long time, contraband has been a common thing in prisons and detention facilities. Nowadays it has become even more available due to the evolution of drone technology.

Planned malefactions have occurred due to using drones to drop weapons. It might go unnoticed by correctional prisoners, officers and poses a considerable threat to anyone working, living, or visiting the area.

When a drone is being detected and immobilized by an anti-drone gun, the facility is necessarily protected by an air defense system in addition to all the existing protection measures around from those kinds of menacing acts.

It is best to stay ahead with anti-drone technology as criminals are getting more intelligent and resourceful.

What is an Anti-Drone Detector?

A drone detector is a device that can pick up drones from up to 4km away and neutralize them safely and efficiently.

There are plenty of drone jamming solutions. Phantom Technologies is leading the front of this link technology.

Detectors such as the Phantom’s DroneShoot 800 offer advanced detection and jamming abilities to disable a drone using wavelength technology.

The pre-eminent drone jamming device makes use of a similar wavelength to cellphone jamming methods.

It works by detecting which model is approaching the facility and then gives you the most desirable course of action to disable it.

This kind of technology can keep prisons security system from the eagle eye vision that felonious criminals are obtaining with this technology.

How an Anti-Drone Detection System Can Benefit a Prison?

Drone technology gets more affordable every day, making it readily available to the consumer and criminals.

As written above, criminal syndicates can use it to plan illegal activities with prison members of the same affiliation. They can even spy on wardens or other prison officials, providing confidential information to inmates.

What is an Anti-Drone Gun?

An anti-drone gun is a perfect replacement for a drone jammer. It is operated manually and can safely disable drones up to 1.2km away.

These are designed for prisons that have staff monitoring the skies for any incoming potential threats.

Phantom Technologies’ DroneShoot 800 anti-drone gun shoots a direction RF signal that disturbs a drone’s GPS and Wi-Fi communications.

It was designed to neutralize a drone efficiently and safely while maintaining absolute control of the situation.

The anti-drone gun includes an LCD screen to help set up your system for optimum use. It also has temperature sensors and pressure meters.

The DroneShoot 800 can send multi-band frequencies simultaneously to disturb a drone’s operation.

It can disable a drone for up to 10 minutes on a full charge of 60 minutes.

Final Thoughts

As drones are being used regularly for criminal activities, it is the most significant financial investment to combine anti-drone technology systems in any prison security system to tighten the security measures of prisons and detention facilities in all dimensions and levels.

Phantom technologies are dedicated to helping you detect and disable hostile drones, so your prison facility is not compromised.

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