EAGLE 108™

The Phantom EAGLE 108 system, is a portable counter UAV solution.

The Solution

The Phantom EAGLE 108  solution provides situational awareness of the sUAV flying over or approaching the secured zone (camp, compound, airport, etc.) and provides the mitigating of a threat from a single or a swarm of sUAV. 
The system has an autonomous and automatic operation, making it simple to install and operate.

Technical Specification

  • Scanning – all relevant freq. bands
  • Detection – all types of drones & RC signals
  • Classification of drone type
  • Direction of arrival of drone & RC signals
  • Audible alarm & clear visual alert

Additional Features

  • Threat detection, visual and sound alarms
  • Mode of operation, manual and automatic
  • UAV signal patterns database, updateable
  • Support GIS mapping
  • Detecation, Identification and Soft-kill

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