Phantom Technologies has been for over 20 years a distinctive manufacturer of RF jamming products and solutions, tactical intelligence solutions, and counter surveillance products.

Our main goal is to better serve our customers by first relating to the customer’s operational needs and budget restraints, as we manufacture cost-effective technological solutions/products that can meet and exceed customers’ operational and technological requirements. We strive to deliver more than just a product but also the experience of using it. We believe in providing our customers with knowledge, support, and service that is second to none.

Second, Phantom puts great emphasis on after-sale support in order not only to provide best of breed product but also to make sure that it operates well for a very long time. To ensure this, we are committed to supporting our customers with our team of highly trained engineers, who are on hand to answer technical questions and help solve problems.

Innovation is at the core of what we do as Phantom Technologies is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology putting the emphasis on reliability, effectiveness, and affordable solutions/products.

Furthermore, Phantom’s uniqueness lies in its inherent capability to merge and integrate different products into a single harmonized solution, for example, providing open communications windows during jamming operations.

When you do business with Phantom we make every effort to earn your trust not just for now but for years to come.

Some of our leading product and solutions:

  • Cellphone Jammers
  • WiFi Jammers
  • IMSI Catchers
  • GPS Jammers
  • Drone Jammers
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