Anti-Drone Rifle

In the past few years, drones have become one of the most popular gadgets used by people across the globe.
Drones are currently seen as the pinnacle of technology and they allow us to live an easier, faster, and more comfortable life.
Some are even able to lift things heavier than their weight. They can be controlled by remote control or even apps. Transportation with the help of drones has become easy,
but what happens in a situation where a drone becomes a weapon?

In recent years the threat of drones has become increasingly vivid to many security agencies.
Drones, nowadays, are used by terrorists and criminals for a multitude and variety of activities such as dropping small bombs on enemy forces,
and the same drones are often used for reconnaissance and the smuggling of illegal goods.

Our Solution

In the last couple of years, Phantom Technologies has developed and created an anti-drone gun – a technological response to this type of threat.
Phantom’s anti-drone gun concept of operations relies on Immediate response and the ability to control your airspace by scanning the sky looking for hostile drones

The drone shoot is the ultimate anti-drone rifle.
It works far and wide, by sending an RF signal to any drone within 1 km of its range.
Once it detects a drone, it automatically locks onto it and allows you to shoot down the intruding object before flying off into the horizon.
The drone shoot is great for border security in your state or country, as well as private security while anti-drone measures are taken as a precautionary step against drones entering areas where they shouldn’t be.

The anti-Drone Shooter is the ultimate tool to protect your airspace.
We took all the latest innovation in drones and built a jammer that works on all drones, in any weather conditions, with a screen to allow you to better locate and track your target drone, easy to use, portable, and work for long distance


Phantom Technologies’ DroneShoot800 is a Handheld RF drone jammer gun (rifle type)
based on the company’s well known Jamming technique.
The DroneShoot800 Blocks all Drone’s communications including GPS (GNSS).
It transmits directional RF signals that interfere with the drone Navigation & WIFI
Communication’s signal such as ISM, GPS-L1, GPS-L2, etc.
By blocking those signals, the Drone operation is neutralized.

Light Weight – 7.5 Kg
Dimensions – 990 Cm
Antennas – High Gain Directional 45° horizontal and vertical aperture
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +55°C
Complies with MIL-STD-810F
Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery two batteries are included

*Phantoms has developed and manufacture wide range of comprehensive, modular and scalable active and passive solutions for different markets.

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