Drones have become one of the most popular gadgets people use globally. In the past few years, their popularity has increased significantly. Drones are currently seen as one of the most innovative technologies on the market. They allow us to live an easier, faster, and more comfortable life. Some can even lift things heavier than their weight, and we can see it happening in the shipping industry. The use of autonomous drones has become a reality in many aspects of our lives. Drones can be used for many applications from transportation to home security. But what if the drone itself becomes weaponized?

In recent years the threat of drones has become increasingly vivid to many sectors such as law enforcement, airport security, and defense forces.
The ability of a drone to bypass traditional defenses and be used for everything from smuggling drugs into prisons, deliver explosives or chemical payloads means that they present a real potential danger in any populated area.

Anti Drone Soultions

Law enforcement, defense forces, and others that can be at risk of drone attacks need to protect their sky space with efficient, effective, and advanced drone protection equipment.
In the last couple of years, Phantom Technologies has developed and created an anti-drone system – a technological response to this type of threat.
Phantom’s anti-drone systems concept of operations relies on Immediate response and the ability to control your airspace by scanning the sky looking for hostile drones.
The system provides a safe environment for strategic targets by creating a virtual protective dome that isolates, protects, and prevents unauthorized drones from intruding into critical airspace.
It disables drones from entering and attacking an area in real-time by jamming the communication between the drone and the remote control.

Drone protection divides into 3 main subjects
Detection and identification, Tracking and, Jamming.
There are many drone protection systems in the market but they are unable to differentiate between the different types of drones the complexity to develop a system that can detect and identify coming from difficult-to-operate in urban and crowded areas.
the goal of a system like this is to be able to not only detect drones but to track them throughout their flight path.

Phantom Technologies designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of anti-drone systems. These solutions are designed according to military standards and can be configured to meet any tactical requirement. We provide solutions for fixed installations as well as more rapidly deployable Drone Riffle systems.

Our Systems

*Phantoms has developed and manufactured a wide range of comprehensive, modular, and scalable active and passive solutions for different markets.

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