Are WiFi Jammers Illegal? A Comprehensive Guide That Will Lead You to A High Level of Understanding

Are WiFi Jammers Illegal? A Comprehensive Guide That Will Lead You to A High Level of Understanding

No matter where you find yourself nowadays, whether a shopping mall, cafes, libraries or even some city areas, you are likely to get free Wi-Fi; this Wi-Fi will help you stay connected. Since these places have open access to Wi-Fi, people are taking advantage of this to stay connected even when they don’t have anything to offer these places until somebody does something to save these places. What are we saying here? WiFi jammer!

According to the FCC, jamming devices are defined as illegal radio frequency transmitters, which are designed to interfere, block or jam authorized radio communications. One reason why jamming technology may be termed illegal is that it does not currently differentiate between desirable and undesirable network communications. A Wi-Fi jammer can disrupt all radio communications available on any device that makes use of radio frequencies for its operation; these devices are affected only if they are in the radius of operation of the jammer. A Wi-Fi jammer does this by emitting radio frequency waves which go against that of the targeted device, thereby preventing the device from maintaining or even establishing a connection.

Jammers devices also include Wi-Fi jammers and cell phone jammers which can prevent your mobile phone from receiving or making calls, emails and text messages. They can also prevent your Wi-Fi enabled device from getting connected to the internet for several operations, prevent you from receiving the exact positioning signals with the use of GPS, and prevent you from getting located by a first responder in an emergency.

Are WiFi Jammers Illegal?

Federal law prohibits the use, operation, sale, and marketing of any type of jamming device. These prohibited devices include those that interfere with mobile and Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Personal Communication Services (PCS), wireless networking services (Wi-Fi) and police radar. This law is to prevent the use of these devices because they know that they create serious safety risks. The use of cell phone jammer is a violation of the federal law, and very soon, those who are violating this law will be cracked down by the law enforcement agencies and the enforcement bureau.

It is now unlawful to sell, distribute, advertise, or market this jamming equipment to people and consumers in the United States. This is because they pose serious risks to the important public safety communications and they can prevent people from calling 9-1-1 and other emergency numbers. And lastly, the jamming devices can alter the law enforcement communications. To tackle this problem, they are doing this through outreach, education and aggressive enforcement.

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