Convoy Jammer

Convoy Jammer is a device that hides the location and direction of your vehicle from any tracking devices installed on the other vehicles in motion. It’s best for you to avoid detection by attackers, as well as anti-theft devices. This will also protect you against any ambush attempts from tailing cars.

The Convoy Jamming System (CJS) counters attacks from radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIDE).
Such devices use a radio-frequency transmitter or receiver as a means of detonation.
The CJS defends itself and a VIP convoy against explosive devices by jamming any frequencies that RCIDEs may use.
CJS is portable and easy to install, maintain and transport.
Vehicles can be equipped with an optional modem which allows remote control.

protect your convoy and personnel.
The convoy jammer is a revolutionary technology with the ability to shield the vehicle from threats like IED’s, GPS guided weaponry.
The system also prevents perpetrators from conducting any attempt to triangulate the convoy (by VHF/UHF) and it also jams any possible attempt of voice calls/data interception.

Our Solution

One of the main features of the system is the built-in capability, manufactured by Phantom, to provide an open communication window to the operators.
The communication is either cellular-based which means that a VIP can freely speak with his cellular device (voice and data) whilst the convoy is traveling.
In addition, VHF/UHF open communications windows can be allocated to the security guards of the convoy.
With Phantom’s highest quality and most cutting-edge design, the Convoy Jammer will enable you to block out all GPS tracking devices in vehicles and your surroundings.


  1. Convoy jammers are typically portable and can be installed on vehicles within a convoy.
  2. They work by emitting radio frequency signals that interfere with the wireless signals used to detonate IEDs.
  3. Convoy jammers are designed to be directional, meaning they can be focused on a specific area to maximize their effectiveness.
  4. Some convoy jammers can also detect and jam other types of wireless signals, such as cell phone signals or GPS signals.
  5. The use of convoy jammers has been shown to be effective in reducing the number of IED attacks on convoys in conflict zones.

*Phantoms has developed and manufacture wide range of comprehensive, modular and scalable active and passive solutions for different markets.

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