RCJ6000 – Convoy Jammer

RCJ6000 – Convoy Jammer


Broadband RF Communication Jammer 20-6,000 MHz – Total Output Power 1,845W

The RCJ6000 is a very high power, state of the art, VIP convoy jammer system, designed for blocking 2 way radio communications. The VIP convoy jammer system provides full jamming capability for the convoy producing a ‘jamming bubble’ engulfing the convoy, protecting the convoy from possible threats like IED’s, GPS guided weaponry and more. The system also prevents perpetrators from conducting any attempt to triangulate the convoy (by VHF/UHF) and it also jams any possible attempt of voice calls/data interception.
The system is camouflages and embedded in the VIP convoy vehicles, easy to use and operate while allowing open communications link for the security guards or the VIP.


Jamming technique:
The system is controlled by Microprocessor for DDS programming and use unique modulation technique based on mixed signal for maximum jamming efficiency. Each module of RCJ6000 transmits unique noise signal which creates a “firewall” between the transmitter and its receiver (the possible threat). The system also includes a high end unique capability – the responsive jammer:
This high end innovative jammer operates between 20 – 520 MHz and its main capability is to block a signal immediately when it is trying to transmit. The system is operated only when a transmission is made, allowing a better usage of the jamming signal. The system is high performance and can block up to 16 UHF/VHF frequencies concurrently.
Open Communications Window:
Phantom will provide open cellular communications window for VIP’s upon requirement.
Each jamming band is connected to a specially designed antenna such as the “Shark fin” shaped, “Rod” antennas etc. The system use Broadband Omni-Directional antennas for 360º protection.
Jamming radius:
Jamming radius of RCJ6000 depends on several conditions such as transmitter frequency and output power, distance to receiver and obstacles between (meaning physical obstacles like buildings, mountains, other cars etc.). .
Ruggedized Tough pad:
The RCJ6000 has specially designed software that runs on a ruggedized Tough pad for optimal usage and operation in the field.

The Below picture shows the GUI of the controlling software as each band can be configured independently.


RF Characteristics

Output Power 1,845 Watts (±1dB per Band)
Internal Modulation FM Hopping Frequency, Sweep & White Noise
Signal Source DDS Synthesized
Remote Control 4 m’ cable with ON/OFF for visual indicators
& Full System controlling and operating ruggedized Touchpad
Antenna External –  High Gain Omni-directional
Power Amplifier Protectors Isolator. Full VSWR protector
Over Heat – Thermal protector
Over Current protector

Jamming Frequency Range

Frequency Band 20-6000 MHz
Full band jamming – No Gaps
Air Interface Standards 2 Way Radio

Physical Data

Dimensions 500 x 430 x 176 mm – 10 x 19” x 4U
Weight Approx. 300Kg

Environment of operation

Operating Temp -10ºC – +65ºC
Humidity Up to 95%

Optional Accessories

Backup Battery None
Control Cable Via PC LAN Cable

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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