Wi-Fi Jammers

Jammers are devices that generate electromagnetic noise that can take over a frequency to overpower, disrupt, deceive, or simply mask the electromagnetic signals that are communicated to it.
For different devices and signals, there are different jammers and jamming techniques; in order to suppress communication on a wifi network, for example, you can choose from a large range of wifi jammers that are available. There are a variety of reasons you may find yourself wanting to create noise with a wifi jammer, they can all be boiled down to one; establishing control over the communication and reassuring that only certain types of communication are enabled.

Wifi communication is used today by a wide variety of devices.
In fact, you may be reading this piece thanks to your connection to a wifi network.
However, devices with screens aren’t the only ones in a typical household to communicate over the wifi network; security sensors for your alarm systems, your cleaning robot and its base station, the storage for your digital photos and even your smart climate control may all be networked devices.

Our Solution

Wi-Fi jamming is not simply for convenience, there are tactical uses for it. Since a great deal of sensitive data is stored digitally, it can be stolen (or borrowed)  undetected over a wifi network.
By jamming wifi signals in the area, the owner of the data can make sure that no one is accessing it after hours.
By the same token, the security system that may be protecting that sensitive information is likely to rely on wifi communication to give the alarm if anything goes wrong, so someone with malicious intent might want to interfere with that alarm.
In an extreme example, an explosives expert working to defuse a bomb may appreciate it if the means for remote detonation were blocked.

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