Anti-Drone Technology in the United States vs. China

Anti-Drone Technology in the United States vs. China

The United States and China have both been taking countermeasures to make use of their anti-drone technology to design and produce anti-drone jammer devices or guns. These countries believe in the use of these devices as a Wi-Fi jamming device to counteract the activity of any Wi-Fi jammer.

The US Anti-Drone GPS Jammers

The United State military has been evaluating different anti-UAV measures for the past few years to block or jam signals. These devices are used for radar detection and conventional counterattack which are mostly used against aircraft.

According to the deputy director of information at the HQ Marine Corps Capability Development Command, Warfare Integration Division, Marine Corps Lt. Col. Jeffery Kawada, he said: “you are going to get jammed if you stay in a static position.” However, moving around will make it impossible to get jammed, and this is what we are doing. We are trying to do dynamic spectrum access. We will get jammed because what we are doing is for them.

Now, we have different companies selling RF jamming devices that will block the control signals of drones. These devices will make it impossible for GPS jammers to attack and track your drone once installed while some people are selling devices that can cause the quadcopter to return to its point of origin or to crash unwantedly. The GPS jamming device uses a WiFi jammer that is meant to interrupt the connection between the controller and the drone. In other words, they are very effective at bringing down drones that are making use of Wi-Fi as their means of communication.

China Anti-Drone GPS Jammers

On October 29, 2017, China claimed that the use of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) could serve as threats while interfering with one’s privacy. With this, the minds of the people are no longer at rest and they are now seeking for different effective drone jamming solutions to protect them from being tracked and followed by these jammers.

Currently, China-based Perfectjammer Technology Company is now designing different RF jammers for UAVs and wireless communications to help protect the country people from these aerial devices. This country has currently manufactured a long distance drone jammer that can be used to hit a device at a far distance of up to 1000 meters. This will make it easy to attack different aerial devices.

The spokesperson of Perfectjammer Technology Company Limited explained that their long-distance drone jammer uses the RF control disruption technologies to stop drones in the air. This will help to improve the safety and security of the people and the military installations from getting hacked. He also said that the gun operates on standard ISM and GPS radio bands with a Wi-Fi range of about2.4Ghz to 5.8 Ghz. This makes it easy to affect commercial UAV signals. It can work at a very long frequency range; this makes it easy to detect and bring down a UAV from a far distance.


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