Law Enforcement Use of Cell-Site Simulation Technologies

Law Enforcement Use of Cell-Site Simulation Technologies

The rate at which surveillance technologies such as cell-site simulators are improving has prompted for effective evaluation of these devices. These technologies later transform the use of mobile cell phones into a real-time tracking device. This evaluation is very important for the consistent use of your device and the protection of the people, and this is under the First and Fourth U.S. Constitution Amendments.

To curb this problem from the country, the United States’ military and intelligence organizations were able to develop strong and sophisticated surveillance cell phone jammer technologies for deployment. This jammer will help to defend them from threats from foreign actors. With the presence of this IMSI CATCHER device, America will be a safer place to live.

However, there is an increase in the use of surveillance technologies by the domestic law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels. They are using this technology to perform different crime-fighting activities. On the other hand, in the case of cellphone jammer, they are using this technology to investigate different day-to-day criminal activities from narcotics trafficking to human trafficking, as well as kidnapping. They are also using the IMSI CATCHER to help in the apprehension of violent and dangerous fugitives.

Effects of the Use of Cell-Site Simulation Technology on the Citizen

Since the job of law enforcement officers is not easy at all levels, these people deserve to be thanked and appreciated. Although these people are making use of this technology to perform a safe operation and to accomplish their missions, they are also using this cell-site simulator technology to oversight and safeguard the citizen of the country. On the other hand, however, the use of this technology can infringe on the rights of citizens from irrational seizures and searches in addition to their right to free association. To protect the citizen from the effect of the use of this technology, there must be transparency and accountability. The devices are also used in a way that meets the necessities and protections of the Constitution.

Reduction in the Popular Use of Cell-Site Simulation Technology

In April 2015, there is a bipartisan investigation after the widespread of the use of the cell-site simulation devices by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The use of this technology was not well known when it first started, and this is due to the sensitivity in national security matters. An example is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that does not only disclose its technological devices to the public but also the actions they are taking to help the local and state law enforcement agencies in obtaining and making use of these devices.

To make this law stand, the committee makes it part of their job to contact the manufacturers of these jamming devices before they sell out to the local and state law enforcement agencies. They must notify the FBI first. These manufacturers must also sign a non-disclosure agreement which will prevent them from disclosing the use of this technology to the public. This non-disclosure will also reach the prosecution stage where they are using this jamming device.

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