Our new system » CSR6105 – Bug Detector

Our new system » CSR6105 – Bug Detector

Bug detector and locator system – CSR6105 is now available!

The new system detects both telephone and room hidden transmitters !
The CSR6105 also detect VLF (Very Low Frequencies) from 20 KHz to 400KHz.
The VLF band include Infra-Red detection.

Bug detector

The standard RF band detects 400 KHz to 8 GHz, without any gaps !
The unit include 2 x 16 LCD display with backlight for friendly user interface.

Special Discone antenna for high frequencies detection and Telescopic antenna
for VHF/UHF detection are part of the system.

WLJ100- WiFi Jammer /Bluetooth Jammer is available now
MP809 – Manpack Jammer
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