CPI1890 – GSM Interception System

CPI1890 – GSM Interception System


Building an overall intelligence picture is a daunting task which usually takes time and consumed many efforts. Whilst conducting collection intelligence picture there is a growing risk of exposure and sometimes, the ability to collect intelligence is dependent on the support of other entities, making the secrecy of the collection operation, a main issue. Furthermore, for many years, passive interception has been a main capability of large national organizations that collected mass data of information over large areas.


Phantom Technologies own a fully in house manufactured off the air passive tactical interception system for GSM bands. The system main design is for mass interception of SMS and voice calls. The system’s passiveness assures that it will leave zero electromagnetic signatures in the cellular network and furthermore, it can be easily deployed by tactical teams and most importantly, tactical units can operate the passive interception system independently without need for any outside support.
The system is designed to be deployed in fixed installations and or in a mobile deployment possibility such as an SUV.

The CPI is suitable for the following operational scenarios:

a. Cross the border intelligence collection
b. Mass interception in predefined Area of Interest (AOI)
c. For Military operations
d. For general collection of information by an intelligence agency when there is no intelligence
e. Long term collection mission

Solution Description
The system supports monitoring and recording of 24 to 32 GSM channels simultaneously. Using high-sensitivity digital receivers, the CPI 1890 monitors’ network traffic over the BTS channels.

Standard system includes:

SDR – Software Defined Radio Receiver
Interception Software

The system has a Built-In PHANTOM Front-End LNA, an increased system sensitivity and selectivity,
and is able to reach long-distance targets.


  • Fully Passive real-time ARFCN forward and reverse monitoring
  • Monitoring and Recording Voice, SMS and Traffic
  • Compatible for all GSM bands – 850/900/1800/1900 Bands
  • Supports A5/0 & A5/1 & A5/2
  • Fast Deciphering Time – Less than 1 Second in A5/1
  • Compact & Robust Design
  • Installation in different platforms
  • Automatic scan for active GSM networks around
  • Detection of Location of real-network BTS around
  • Target identification by IMSI
  • Random/Target Mode
  • Silent SMS for “target-hunting”
  • Fully display of network traffic including Paging, Requests etc.
  • All channels recording for later inspection and data analysis



RF Characteristics

Frequency Bands 925.0 – 960.0 Mhz
1805.2 – 1879.8 MHz
*GSM frequencies can be calibrated according to customer request
Maximum Number of Receivers Up to 32
Receiver Sensitivity -103 dBm
Frequency Accuracy ±0.25 ppm
Channel Band Width 200 KHz
Communication Protocol UDP
Antenna Omni-Directional /
High-Gain Directional Antenna
Power Supply 10.8-14 VDC

Physical Data

Dimensions 19″ x 3U Drawer or Ruggedize Pelican Case
Weight Approx. 8 Kg for 19″ / 12 Kg for Pelican Version

Environment of operation

Operating Temp -10ºC – +65ºC
Humidity 5% – 95% non-condensing

Optional Accessories

Rechargeable Battery 13.8V/42AH

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


The SCJ1800 is a Selective Cellular Jammer composed of two complementing systems, the first, the SMJ1890 that provides the jamming capabilities. The second, the active cellular system that provides the ability to connect to the regular cellular network when jamming is in session.

The selectivity of this cellular jammer enables the system to block only cellular phones identified as threatening. This feature lengthens the device’s battery life, channeling high output power efficiently.

How does it operate

The user defines a list of “friendly cell phones”, called “white list” that will never be blocked. Consequently, when the jamming system is on in GSM/UMTS, our second system, the Active Cellular System (a ‘fake’ BTS) provides a ‘clear channel’ within the jamming bands. This allows the predefined ‘white list’ numbers to go through to the regular cellular network at the same time when jamming is conducted.

In parallel, if there are cellular devices that will try to use the ‘fake BTS in order to conduct phone calls to the outside of the prison (to the regular cellular network), they will be automatically blocked by the BTS. This feature allows the user to communicate freely without the concern of being blocked by the selective jammer.

The system includes our top-of-the-line IMSI catcher, designed to detect the IMSIs and the IMEIs present and active in the designated area for both 2G and 3G Phones. This capability enables the device’s operators to identify possible threats.

The unit is lightweight and can be installed in a Pelican case.

The SCJ1800 is ideal for high-power identification and jamming. Its user can identify, monitor and log IMSI numbers active in a GSM network, and selectively jam only those that are unauthorized.

  • By using relatively low RF output power, the system enables the coverage of large areas.
  • A “white list” feature which distinguishes between authorized and unauthorized cell phones.
  • Up to 5,000 cell phones on the “white list”
  • Software Define Radio (SDR) enables great flexibility and future upgrades
  • Easy-to-use management system
  • Available for use with Omni-directional antenna or directional antenna
  • Full list of cell phones in the covered area
  • The user can easily detect all active IMSIs and IMEIs and block transmissions. Moreover, by composing a “white list” of numbers never to be blocked, the device automatically allows the white listed numbers to go through to the regular cellular network.


RF Characteristics

Power Supply 12-24VDC
Current 2A Max.
BTS’s number According to need
Remote Control ON/OFF & MODE Via Fiber Optic
Antenna External – Omni-Directional or High Gain Directional
Power Amplifier Protectors Isolator. Full VSWR protector Over Heat – Thermal protector Over Current protector
TX PWR 47 dBm
BW 10-75 MHz
Memory SDRAM 128 MB/Band


Frequency Range


Frequency Band For illustration only:
RX Bands
GSM 824-894 MHz
GSM 890-915 MHz
DCS 1710-1785 MHz
PCS 1850-1910 MHz
TX Bands
GSM 865-894 MHz
GSM 935-960 MHz
DCS 1805-1880 MHz
PCS 1930-1990 MHz
Air Interface Standards GSM

Physical Data

Dimensions 254 x 160 x 240 mm
Weight <10 Kg

Environment of operation

Operating Temp -10ºC – +55ºC
Humidity 5% – 90%

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


IMSI Catcher IMSI400
RCJ1390LT-I – Convoy Jammer
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