Different Types of Jamming and Its Effect on Cellular Network

Different Types of Jamming and Its Effect on Cellular Network

A few years ago, as journalists went inside National Assembly to cover the address of the President of the USA, they realized that they did not have any access to cellular reception.

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Newspapers were flooded with reports citing of the cellular network works were jammed. Well, there have been different rounds of discussion regarding this. Investigations were ordered to identify who was responsible for this incident.

Usually, signals in between cell phone and tower are robust, but a jammer causes different errors so that the communication is not complete.

Types of jamming

You can jam a cellular network through different methodologies, but the most common one is by adding noise to the network. This form of jamming is also referred as Denial of Service.

In this attack, organizations or users cannot access activities that would have otherwise been possible.
Another technique of jamming addresses the technology and disrupts the flow of communication.

Jamming a cellular signal is not a daunting task, if you can generate a garbage signal. In the occurrence that took place in the president’s house, jamming cellular activities was easy.

Standard and frequency used by the network operators in the country is well documented and blocking them is not tough. Jammers target specific set of frequency and block that particular band.

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