Prison Jammer – Tracking of unauthorized communication

Prison Jammer – Tracking of unauthorized communication

Use of Prison Jammer to Keep Track Of Unauthorized Communication
Prison jammer aims at interrupting communication of unauthorized cell phones in the prison. This device helps in controlling communication of criminals present in the prison. This form of jamming is prevalent in courtroom environment and during military installation. The mechanism of this kind of jamming systems is sophisticated than that of regular cell phone jammers, since it helps to detect the callers automatically or manually and block unauthorized phone calls.

Prison Jammer

There are different components in this system that helps it to block the phone calls. To control different cellular activities in any particular environment it is important for this jamming mechanism to have a particular configuration.

The benefits of These Jamming Systems
In these systems, you can include different options that deny or permits different activities, depending on authorization. The systems that are used for jamming phone calls are usually deployed in different locations in the specific area. Due to this, different cell phones in the vicinity are denied access. Administrators control these types of jamming regularly through different networks. This integrated system deals with detection and control of various cell phones in the network and there is also an option for remote activation.

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