How Do Cell Phone Detectors Work? The Basics

How Do Cell Phone Detectors Work? The Basics

The cell phone detector is a technological device that detects the presence and existence of cell phones in an area or within a stipulated range of operation. Once this cell phone detector detects the presence of a cell phone, the phone detector system raises the alarm and speak to the mobile phone user to switch it off. The cell phone detector has different ways of alerting the user of the phone; it does this by either sending an alert message, a single beep of the detector or ringtone. The operator of this device can record a voice message or write a customized text message that will be sent to every phone detected. This is a great way to prevent the use of cell phones in examination halls, worship sites, private rooms, etc. The use of the cell phone detector is also one of the ways of managing cell phones in the classroom.

The cell phone detectors are not only meant to be used to discover mobile devices that are in the conversation mode alone, but they can also be used for those that are in standby mode or switched on generally. Since it is not always possible to check everybody entering sensitive places like worship places, libraries, or any strategic site, the use of a cell phone detector will be important in such places. They can be used as rescue devices, and the authorities will use them to clear out all the unwanted things.

How Does the Cell Phone Detector Work?

The Cell Phone Detectors come with bugs which are meant to detect RF transmission signal. The moment this bug detects the RF transmission signal from an activated cell phone, the LED light started blinking, and it starts making a beep alarm. This alarm continues until the mobile phone is seen and switched off or until the RF transmission signal ceases. However, it is not suitable to use an ordinary RF detector that is making use of tuned LC circuits for detecting signals present in the GHz frequency band which are used in cell phones. While Cell Phone Detectors detect the presence of a mobile phone, a mobile phone jammer prevents its use even if it is switched on by just disconnecting it from network signal.

Use of Cell Phone Detectors

The cell phone Detectors are very useful for detecting people using cell phones to spy or for un-authorized video transmission. Cell Phone Detectors are also used in certain places like a temple, offices, exam hall, and theaters where the use of cell phones are not allowed to detect and restrict these people from using the devices. They are capable of detecting video transmission, SMS, and incoming and outgoing calls even if the cell phones are in the silent mode.

The illegal use of mobile phones is growing in the world, and this is the only way out. The Cell Phone Detectors can be used by the prison security to avoid prisoners from monitoring the processes in prisons while preventing new crimes by the inmates both in and out of the facility. If it is not possible to detect all mobile phones with Cell Phone Detectors, the best alternative is to use a mobile phone jammer. The mobile phone jammer prevents the use of mobile phones as it clear off signals from the phone in a particular area.

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