PHDI-1890 – IED Jammer

PHDI-1890 – IED Jammer


In order to counter the threat of IED’s, Phantom Technologies has developed and manufactured the IED (Improvised Explosive Device) jammer PHDI-1890 which was designed for Initiating DTMF RCIED’s via V/UHF networks. The PHDI-1890 uses state-of-the art technology for maximum performance.

The IED jammer PHDI-1890 transmits a DTMF signal, which sweeps 125 Channels with a 12.5 KHz hops simultaneously, on all V/UHF communication. The Initiating radius is 250 meters from target (depends on environmental conditions). All two digit DTMF V/UHF will be initiated BY the PHDI-1890.

The Method of operations requires the operator to place the DTMF transmitter at the area/point where there are suspected IED’s and then, start to transmit. Due to receiver limitations, the sweep of all VHF/UHF channels may take some time so that the transmitter will complete the scan of the entire spectrum.


  • Special Army Forces
  • Counter Terror Units
  • Concert halls & theaters


RF Characteristics

Output Power Total* 12W
Internal Modulation FM Hopping frequency
Signal Source TxDac
Power Supply 28VDC
Modules Per Unit 4
Remote Control (Optional)
Antennas 4 External Omni-Directional
DTMF 12 signals (0-9, A-D,*,#)
Oscillator 68
Scanning time Please see important note above

Jamming Frequency Range

Frequency Bands VHF 136-174MHz 3W
CB 245-246MHz 3W
UHF-L 400-440MHz 3W
UHF-H 440-480MHz 3W
Air Interface Standards DTMF, VHF & UHF

Physical Data

Dimensions Pelican 1610
Weight Approx. 11 Kg

Environment of operation

Operating Temp -10ºC – +55ºC
Humidity 95%

Additional Data

Operational time 60-90 minutes
Indicator LED + Sound
Battery 12V charger available
External Power supply 12V

*Output Power Tolerance ±1dB
**Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


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