PHJD900 – Counter Surveillance Equipment

PHJD900 – Counter Surveillance Equipment


(Adjustable 40 – 53 dBm)

The counter surveillance equipment PHJD900 has been designed for detection of nonlinear junctions.
Nonlinear junctions include a wide variety of components such as diodes, transistors, IC’s, etc.
The PHJD900 is especially used for IED detection.
The PHJD900 can detect electronic circuits such as hidden transmitters, tape recorders and Cellular phones even when DC source is NOT applied.
The PHJD900 is a state-of-art Non Linear Junction Detector based on the latest technology and includes DDS and DSP components.
The system equipped with high selectivity receiver along with unique detection algorithm achieving high sensitivity of -133 dBm.
The system provides an evaluation of the 2nd and 3rd harmonic.
When the system receives a strong 2nd harmonic, it indicates the presence of electronic components while a strong 3rd harmonic reception indicates false corrosive junctions, hence discards false alarms.
Both 2nd & 3rd harmonics are displayed at the same time.

Counter Surveillance Equipment


  • Fully digital system
  • Automatic channel select
  • Very high power transmitter (+53 dBm)
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity
  • Pulse mode operation


  • 2 Row LED Display
  • Long detection range
  • 4 Output power levels
  • Receiver 40dB variable attenuator for precise detection
  • High gain circular antenna
  • Minimum setup time
  • Robust & lightweight design
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable batteries Li-Polymer, up to 8 hours operating time
  • Telescopic rod


  • IED detection
  • Sweeps and detects all kinds of bugs – regardless if active or passive
  • Tape Recorder Detector
  • Military
  • Police
  • Prisons
  • Court Rooms
  • Head Quarters



Output Power (PEP) Adjustable 40-53 dBm (Max. 200W Pulse)
Output Power (AVG) 1W Max.
Frequency Range 850-880 MHz
Signal Source DDS
Antenna Gain 4 dBi


Sensitivity -133 dBm
Frequency Ranges 1,700-1,760 MHz
2,550-2,640 MHz


Output Power 40 – 53 dBm within 4 dB steps
Receiver Sensitivity 10/20/30/40 dB Attenuator
ON/OFF Electronic Switch

Mode of Operation

Channel Select Automatic Channel Select
Output Power Manual Output Power

Mode of Operation

Operating Temp. -30ºC – +60ºC

5% – 80%

Resistant to light shower rain


Weight Approx. 2.2 Kg W/O telescopic rod

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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