Satellite Jammer – MODEL EW1600

Satellite Jammer – MODEL EW1600


The EW1600 is a vehicle mounted very high power jammer designed for blocking satellite communication.
The EW1600 is using state-of-the art technology for maximum performance.

The unit is controlled by Microprocessor for DDS programming and uses unique modulation technique based on mixed signal for maximum jamming efficiency.

Each module of EW1600 transmits unique noise signal, which create a “firewall” between satellite and its receivers.
The jamming signal is being generated by Multi-VCO chain and DDS which results very high sweeping rate along the bands hence create high RF density in each part of protected frequency band.

Jamming distance of EW1600 depends on several conditions such as antenna angle to receiver, transmitter and output power, distance to receiver etc. System modularity allows flexible usage in different applications.

The system supports simultaneously jamming of 5 bands.
The system uses Broadband Directional Antennas for selective jamming area.


  • Special Military Units
  • Special Police Units
  • Government Agencies


Systems have 3 modes of operation:

1. Sweep Mode
In this mode the EW1600 Jam the whole frequency bands at an ultrafast speed continuous sweeping.

2. Spot Mode
In this mode the EW1600 Jam simultaneously up to 8 frequencies from the same or different band(s).

3. Band Specific
In this mode the EW1600 Jam specific band or bands from the 5 available bands.

  • Designed to block satellite communication
  • Output power up to 1,200W per band
  • Modules of Jammer operates separated
  • Separate switch ON/OFF and switch Operation Modes
  • Remote control by PC
  • Specific signal source per band for maximum jamming efficiency


RF Characteristics

Output Power 3 x 1,200W / Optional 2 x 500W
Jamming Range Depend on field conditions
Internal Modulation FM Hopping / Sweep + White Nois
Signal Source DDS
Power Supply 110/220VAC or 48 VDC
Sweep Rate Fixed
Power Consumption 10KW
Modules Per Unit Up to 5
Remote Control Programming, ON/OFF & Modes Via PC
Antennas Directional Antennas
Power Amplifier Protectors Full VSWR protector

Over Heat – Thermal protector

Over Current protector

Jamming Frequency Range

Frequency Frequency Band L1 Band – 1.565–1.585 GHz
L2 Band – 1.216–1.236 GHz
L5 Band – 1.150-1.200 GHz
Air Interface Standards Satellite Communication

Physical Data

Dimensions 500 x 430 x 348 mm – 19” x 8U (Up to 5 Racks not including PS)
Weight Approx. 500Kg

Environment of operation

Operating Temp -40ºC to +65ºC
Humidity 5% – 80%

Optional Accessories

Backup Battery Yes
Electric Generator 220VAC / 8KVA
Control Cable Via PC TCP/IP
DC-DC Converter Internal

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


Frequency Band Output Power Watts
L1 Band 1.565 – 1.585 GHz 1,200
L2 Band 1.216 – 1.236 GHz 1,200
L5 Band 1.150 – 1.200 GHz 1,200
Future Band – Reserved 500
Future Band – Reserved 500

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Output Power Control

The user can control the output power of each band easily by using the Programming Software. The system can be programmed to transmit from 50W and up to 1,200W per band.

After programming the required output power, the system store the parameters so in the next operation the user do not have to repeat again unless he wish to set the output power to a different level.

System Components

  • Digital 5 bands exciter & Power Amplifiers
  • External High Gain Directional Antennas
  • CPU – Central Processing Unit
  • GUI – Graphical User Interface
  • 8.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
  • Electric Generator and Backup Batteries


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