Find Out Different Types of Radar Jamming & Radar Detection

Find Out Different Types of Radar Jamming & Radar Detection

The blend of radar jamming and electronic deception aims to interfering the radar operation by providing false information and noise. It is an intentional act of emitting radio frequency. Electronic and mechanical are two types of radar jamming.

Electronic jamming is a part of warfare as jammers radiate different signals towards radar of enemy so that it interferes it functionality. Repeater and noise techniques are two important common techniques used in this procedure.

For mechanical jamming, you require devices that re-reflect or reflect the energy of radar back to it. Due to this method, it provides the impression of a false target. Corner reflectors, decoys, and chaff are three important parts of devices that help in mechanical jamming.

Different forms of jamming

Countermeasures include altering the frequency of radars and restrict its efficacy. The recent variant types of jammering can now even track change in the frequency level. Often the outgoing signal is cloaked with noise, and it becomes difficult for jammers to identify it.

Now different methods are utilized for countering radar jamming techniques. Different stealth technologies are used to reduce the impact of radar jamming. Interference is another form that prevents the transmission of signals. This is caused when radars of same frequencies are placed adjacent to each other.

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