Indoor Jammers

Indoor jammers are devices that are designed to block or disrupt wireless signals within a confined indoor space, such as a building, a room, or a vehicle. These devices work by emitting radio signals at the same frequency as the wireless signal, causing interference and preventing devices from connecting to the wireless network.

Indoor jammers can be used for a variety of purposes, such as
Foiling spying attempts
Jammers are among the most privacy-enhancing and security-enhancing devices as they are used to thwart eavesdropping or surveillance attempts. And since espionage operations in our time are very easy, it became possible for anyone, for example, to put a voice recorder inside one of the belongings of the house or your workplace without you noticing. Jammers in this case are an effective tool in preventing spyware receivers from doing their job or receiving any operating commands from the spy.

 Protection from location
trackers Being constantly monitored by location trackers is annoying and sometimes unavoidable. For example, if you work for a shipping company, your car or truck probably has an internal tracking system
(GPS ). Many people may be annoyed that their bosses at work can track their location anytime they want, and the only solution to get rid of permanent surveillance is to use a jammer. In this case, the device sends signals that will jam the  GPS signals, preventing the tracker from finding your location.

 Limiting the work of the cell phone
A mobile phone jammer is used in some places and headquarters where it is prohibited to use the phone. One of the places where cell phone jammers are used the most is prisons, as jammers help limit prisoners’ attempts to make phone calls, which is considered illegal in prisons.

 Preventing fraud in educational institutions
Jammers are also used in various educational institutions to prevent students from cheating. Jamming devices block communication signals inside campuses, colleges, and schools as well.

Our Solution

Phantom Technologies indoor jammers are meant to operate inside buildings to block cellular and WiFi communication in rooms, halls, lobbies, passageways, etc. covering a distance of a few tens of meters.
The unit is assembled in a metal box, it can be placed on a shelf, or table or hidden from view above the room’s acoustic ceiling.
The unit is activated remotely using an IR remote control. All cellular signals at the coverage area of the device will be blocked therefore unable to make or receive calls or use data communication.


  1.  Prevent unauthorized access to a Wi-Fi network – an indoor jammer can be used to block unauthorized users from accessing a Wi-Fi network, which may be useful in situations where sensitive information is being transmitted.
  2. Improve privacy – an indoor jammer can be used to prevent electronic eavesdropping by blocking wireless signals from being transmitted outside of the intended area.
  3. Prevent distractions – an indoor jammer can be used to block wireless signals that might cause distractions or interruptions, such as in a classroom or a library.

*Phantoms has developed and manufactured a wide range of comprehensive, modular, and scalable active and passive solutions for different markets.

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