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Is It Possible to Stop a Bomber Drone?

As the name implies, a bombing drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that may be used for drone strikes. They fall under a bigger subset of combat drones that…

International Mobile Subscriber Identity

Device identification becomes more important in a world where device manufacturers are constantly updating their identifying algorithms. An International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number can be used to track your…

Top Four Counter UAS Technologies

Drones might create a risk for human health and security. They are also often used to spy and get fragile information form protected areas, such as military bases and cause…

DroneShoot 800 – Phantom Technologies’ anti drone gun

Phantom Technologies’ DroneShoot800 ani-drone gun is an RF drone jammer gun that
Blocks all Drone’s communications including GPS.

It transmits directional RF signals that interferes with the drone GPS & WIFI
Communication’s signal such as ISM, GPS-L1, GPS-L2, etc.

RF Detectors for Wireless Devices

RF detectors are some of the most practical and widely used counter-surveillance devices in the world. Thus, naturally, we’ve decided to break them down for you.   How Do RF…


PHANTOM TECHNOLOGIES WAS EXHIBITING ITS LATEST INNOVATIONS AT IDEX 2021 We are pleased to invite you to come visit us at IDEX 2021 exhibition, taking place on 21-25 February, 2021…

What you should know about a Bluetooth jammer

Bluetooth technology is widely used all around to connect devices and transfer files such as music and documents. A Bluetooth jammer is a device that blocks the signal. There are…
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