MODEL WLJ100 – WIFI Jammer

MODEL WLJ100 – WIFI Jammer


MODEL WLJ100 – 500m/W output power per band

The unit has been designed to block WiFi signals in an area surrounding the jammer, and is controlled by a Microprocessor for PLL & DDS programming.

The WLJ100D transmits a narrow band white noise signal which cuts off predefined WiFi channels & Bluetooth communications. The WLJ100D jammer can be programmed by the user to jam any number of discrete frequencies with in the RF coverage of the jammer.

All WLJ100D parameters are controlled remotely via an SNMP terminal such as RF output power and jammed frequencies. This function utilizes the presence of the DDS technology within the wifi jammer. The jamming range is up to 20 meters from the jammer.

The WLJ100D can be optionally supplied with high quality Lithium-Polymer Batteries that provide 2 hours of continuous operation.


RF Characteristics

Output Power 500 m/W per band 27 dBm – 1dB steps – 10 levels
Internal Modulation FM Hopping frequency
Signal Source PLL synthesized & DDS
Power Supply 12VDC
Option – Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
Modules Per Unit 1 or two (client defined)
Remote Control Via SNMP
Controlled parameters:
RF output level
Jammed frequencies
Antenna External Omni-Directional / Directional

Jamming Frequency Range

Frequency Band
2,400-2,483 MHz
5,150 – 5,185 MHz
Air Interface Standards WiFi & Bluetooth

Physical Data

Dimensions 250mm x 150mm x 38mm
Weight Approx. 0.8Kg

Environment of operation

Operating Temp -20ºC – +65ºC
Humidity 5% – 80%

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


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