Signal Analyzer – MODEL SPECTRA 9G | Phantom Technologies

Signal Analyzer – MODEL SPECTRA 9G | Phantom Technologies

General Description:

SPECTRA Signal Analyzer_The SPECTRA 9G Spectrum Analyzer is designed to detect illegitimate eavesdropping signals, perform site surveys for communication systems, conduct radio frequency (RF) emissions analysis, and investigate misuse of the RF spectrum. The SPECTRA is a portable spectrum analyzer that very fast sweeps up to 9 GHz and very quickly detect transmitting electronic surveillance devices and ensure that spectrum activity is captured.
Usability: Simple User Interface with touch screen interface, built-in software, and control buttons for fast functions access.
Portability: Light weight and does not require additional antennas or cables; battery power lasts about 4 hours

Special Features:

The SPECTRA 9GHz is a signal analyzer used in Counter Surveillance activities.
Provides a compact “carry-on” equipment for Automated Spectrum Monitoring and In-Place RF Monitoring.
Combines all the functions of a switched and amplified antenna array, peak detection circuitry, wide band search receiver, demodulator, audio correlate, computer controller, and LCD display panel.
The unit can directly find the amplitude of radio frequency signals in the range of 10 MHz-9GHz. (up to 24 GHz with optional down converters)

Main Features:

The signal analyzer device is design to demodulate digitally signals directly
Frequency Range – 10 MHz to 9 GHzsignal analyzer10.1” Capacitive Touch Screen color monitor

Quick One Button for Screen Shot
Metal Knob for Optical Encoder
Audio and Video signals demodulationFull Screen Video Mode

Built-in AGC for better AM Demodulation
Signal Profiling Mode
Automatic Antenna Selection
4 LED indicator for Antenna Selection
Accompanied with easy to use GUIData viewer application

Large 50GB internal memory
The system is mobile and can be operated in outdoor environmental Conditions
The system has internal rechargeable battery and can operate with AC power source as well
USB slots available (USB 2.0 / 3.0 / type C)
Universal Power SupplyCompact and easy-to-carry


Intelligence agencies
Head Quarters
Security Companies


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