HF Jamming Relevant More Than Ever

HF Jamming Relevant More Than Ever

During the last 20-25 years the communications world has made a quantum leap forward, bolstering new cellular/data communications that are now prevalent in both Military and civilian usage. The more traditional frequencies of HF-VHF-UHF has been left aside, and was deemed as part of the ‘old communications world’.

In recent years, changes in regulations allowed modernized Wideband HF (WBHF) to deliver rates up to 240 kpbs on a 48 kHz wide channel and opened the door for more extensive usage in HF frequencies.

A reminder: HF communications is used for intercontinental connectivity and therefore, perfect for world reach Military usage, for example with airplanes, submarines, naval vessels and more. Furthermore, HF communications encryption (like HF Hopping) has become easier to deploy, causing intelligence agencies major problems in the decryption of once open from decryption HF frequencies.

The operational problem depicted above has a very simple solution which is HF jamming. Phantom Technologies provides advanced HF jammers with the following capabilities:

1) Long distance HF jamming by using up to 5KW output power per band.
2) Providing open communications window for operators.
3) Memory HF jamming of up to 36 channels.
4) Jamming an entire HF frequency from 1.5MHz to 30Mhz.
5) Digital based types of jamming (i.e. ‘smart jamming’).
6) Various types of jamming techniques:
a. Spot jamming of up to 36 frequencies in a predefined list.
b. Barrage jamming of the entire band.
c. Sweep jamming in ultra-fast speed.

HF Jammer

The HF jammer is deployed in various form factors. For example in a vehicle, on a naval vessel and also on airplanes dedicated to electronic warfare.

It is also to be mentioned that HF jamming can be done with either Directional or Omni antennas, providing operational flexibility to the operators of the system.

Author: Shahar Kaspi


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